why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info

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Can someone explain to me why the fuck we cant pay exact
Was sent this today from the Daily Mail in the UK. A story on the usual fake emails and attempts to install some kind of virus on users PC’s, not really knew in the world of PayPal scams. Amazes me how much focus there is on PayPal scam emails, must be because there’s so many users of PayPal
How Does PayPal Work? - dummies why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info
First they take the money from your paypal balance and if u dont have enough then it charges your bank account(if you entered your info) or your credit/debit card. But if u do have money on your paypal balance but isnt enough then it uses all that u have on your paypal balance then takes the rest from your bank account or credi/debit card.
Why does Paypal want everything, but my DNA! | Wilders
Although PayPal has occasionally had trouble with fraud, lawsuits and zealous government regulators, the company now boasts over 277 million active accounts [source: PayPal]. PayPals core business is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. Here are some of the things you might use
Amazon wants me to fax them a bank statement to verify my why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info
Isnt that what the whole point of "Neutral" feedback? Why do sellers get all pissy when I give them neutral feedback when they took forever to ship the item? Personaly I dont have a problem. I almost always get feedback and always leave feedback. I dont khow why my experience is so much
Why eBay Sucks (Help for eBay & PayPal victims) why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info
How Does PayPal Work? Related Book. eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition. You don’t need a backup source of funds when you use eCheck. PayPal balance: If someone sent you money through PayPal or you’ve sold something on eBay, you have a balance in your PayPal account. This balance is first applied to any purchases you’ve
Why does PayPal keep rejecting my credit/debit card why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info
Can someone PLEASE explain Stealth PayPal Accounts? Discussion in BlackHat Lounge started by toughtrasher so then you need a stealth bank account and so on. the unfortunate thing for me is that i have relied so much on paypal to process my payment and the reality is there is no other alternative which even comes close to rivalling
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possibe from what i can tellHavent found an option that lets me pay an exact amount, only allowing 5€, 10€ and so on. i have 4.51€ left over after needing to pay 0.49€ for planetside 2 (some german regulation apparently caused it to need payment, but i did get ingame stuff worth around 5€). now im stuck with those 4.51€ and cant spend them. i want to add 0.48€ to my account, buy
Urban Dictionary: PayPal why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info
pretty sure Paypal does this all the time for pre-orders. as far as they are concerned they dont know if youll ever actually ship the product so they dont want to be on the hook for fraud where someone throws up a simple landing page talking about some revolutionary new product, collects a few hundred K, then shuts the website down and disappears before shipping anything
Solved: Paypal Balance!!! - PayPal Community
I have a boat for sale.Soon I get a mail from a nice young lady who was very keen on buying my boat. I did unfortunately not sell the boat, but I got a nice story to tell instead. There were several details in this conversation that made me suspect this was a PayPal scam. 37 to be more precise.
How do I close my Paypal account? - Ask Dave Taylor
An online "secure" payment website that leeches off of all payments (especially on eBay), holds the payments for 21 days just to enjoy watching you rip your fucking brains out, and likes to fuck your profit in the ass. This company AND eBay must be taken down.
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What you cannot opt out of are the Big Payment hallmarks like the company’s confusing fees. These have changed so much over the years, I’m never sure if I’m being charged for making a
37 Ways to Mess Up a PayPal Scam - F-Secure Blog why the fuck does paypal need so much of my info
Why does PayPal keep rejecting my credit/debit card? If your credit/debit card is being rejected by PayPal with the message "The card you entered cannot be …

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